Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Capitol Forest Weekend - CFC Super D and FNSDS Final

And it's over! Best trail conditions ever on GL6. Flawlessly run event. Big turn out. Lots of competition. Superb race. Super D may still have some relevance in a region dominated by the new kid on the block - Enduro.

Jagger landed in 2nd, PRO with a 20:22

Father Graham in 2nd, CAT1 30-39 with a 22:24

Father Graham with the Top Speed Award - a Kona jersey - does Kona even still make bikes? Maybe just jerseys. My additional daddy mass is clearly working best pointed straight down the line.

And Friday, at the FNSDS Matt landed in 1st, and I in 2nd. For the series Matt placed 1st overall and I placed 3rd.

A very full weekend in Capitol Forest. Now on to ENDURO MONTH!!!

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