Friday, February 10, 2012

New Sponsor! Twenty6 Products.

I am very honored and extremely excited to announce that I have been accepted into the Twenty6 Products sponsorship program for the 2012 race season!

Twenty6 is a small company based out of Bozeman Montana, where all of their products are designed and manufactured. They make some of the most beautiful stems, pedals, and aftermarket brake levers in the industry. I am mostly looking forward to rocking a new set of 2012 Predator pedals with some sweet custom colors! I believe the Predators are hands down the best flat pedal on the market, with their super slim profile and extra large platform with strategically placed pins and well thought out bushing/bearing design, they go above and beyond the norm. Plus they are super light, which makes them even more perfect for all mountain riding and Enduro DH racing!

Twenty6 Products are very excited about the development of Enduro DH racing, and look forward to providing the best products for riders who participate in this racing format. I am very glad to be on board with them! 

Check out their products here

More about Tyler and the company here

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  1. Very nice stuff. Made in MT. Would be cool to see them expand the product line.