Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mini Capitol Forest Enduro

Got out for a mini version of the Capitol Forest Enduro today. Yesterday's snowfall in the hills shut down the upper part of 30. I turned around with 3" of hard snow on the trail in the bermy section about a mile from the top. Justin and Co. were out with a chainsaw to remove the last tree from trail from the ice storm. First class. The brush cutting we did on Wednesday really opened up that section on 30. Beneath the 2+ feet of salal was a very cherry berm and a few lost lines. After 30 I took a run down the LLMT - kinda greasy and sketchy but fun. Final run on GL6 from the CFE start to the bottom of the lower clear cut. GL6 was in decent shape for Feb and rode fast. The CFE will be a great introduction to three very different and very fun Capitol Forest descents. 7 months to go.


  1. Marz on Front? Twenty6 products are Bling-tastic! What weight ti-spring do you have on there?

  2. 55 RC3 - very nice fork. 350# Nuke Proof spring on the Vivid - I'm 180-ish. Maybe too soft for Treyclay Airlines, but great for sticking to the trail at speed. I just got the shock back from PUSH. Factory tuned. May be the best investment I've made in the HD. The rear end is PLANTED to the trail like velcro now. I'm still in disbelief.