Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Good things are coming.

If all speculation were true 2012 will be the best year ever for Enduro racing in the Pacific Northwest. It is rumored that the Oregon Super D series is making some BIG format changes, and adopting the Enduro format instead of Super D. I am very excited for this as it was just a matter of time before Enduro racing took off in the states, and I think the OSD crew will put on world class venues. I am anxiously awaiting the new schedule.

I am also excited for the Capitol Forest Classic Super D as it has become one of the most fun, grassroots style events in the Northwest. I am betting that it will keep getting bigger by the year. I have also heard some rumors about a super d series in Washington???? If anyone knows anything please spill the goods!

For 2012 I will be racing for Diamondback bikes and throwing down on a brand new 2012 Mission Pro! I am super stoked this bike and think I can get some good results on it. Right now i'm working on a training plan for this winter to get ready for next year.

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