Saturday, August 6, 2011

Friday Night Super D

Having been off the bike for most of the summer, I decided to finally check out the FOCF fundraiser - The Friday Night Super D Series on the LLMT trail in Capitol Forest. The Little Larch Mountain Trail is a new human powered trail in Capitol Forest being built by FOCF and friends. It is currently about 1/2 way completed. As a human powered trail, it has been built and designed with flow and fun in mind. Lightly technical in a few sections and mostly just fast and bermy with lots of little drops and jumps - it has really evolved into a great little light duty dh trail for trail bikes. Super rad. Last Friday was my first race. I showed up last Friday with Jagger for a total end of the week burn out beat down. Feeling the rust in my mojo I came in at 6:07 - top 5 I think. This Friday was the double down. Two runs for the price of one. My first run I struck a pedal trying to pedal through a little rock garden and took a full-on high speed endo into the bushes. Awesome. 6:07. My second run I managed to keep it together and finished 5:59. Getting better. Having ridden the trail a few times now, and shaken off some of the rust I look forward to maybe racing the final race this Friday. Wish I hadn't been so distracted from the bike this summer and checked these races out sooner. The crew running them is doing a great job, some funds are being raised for FOCF and a cool local's only race scene is being fostered every Friday night, for one more week.

Jagger throws it down in Oakridge in about 12 hours. Looking forward to the race report.

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