Sunday, August 14, 2011

Capitol Forest Classic

Made it to the Capitol Forest Classic super d today. The last time I raced the SD was in 2008. The course was a killer mix of diverse traction conditions today. Fast and predictable up top, a little loose and drifty in the upper clear cut, kinda greasy in the middle technical section and then bomber ego traction below C Line road. Epictastic. 8th overall with a 22:56. I had a pretty clean run with a reserved effort in the hairy sections with no get-off's and as much pedaling power as I could muster where it was safe to do so. Good job FOCF. Lee P threw down an MC job that delivered the message of trail/shovel/rake/ride - proper. Luke B, Derik A, Bob K and myself resurrected the KISS Army and delivered the war paint to the home turf.

Some good photos from Adam Leahy here:


  1. Sweet. I'm already visualizing my comeback next season. I want to try for the All Mountain again but this time on a long travel steel 29er hardtail.

  2. Standing by to see the looks on their faces when a steel HT lands at the top podium. Real, very real. Awesome!