Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mount Constitution, Orcas Island


  1. If have not spent a weekend riding the trails at Moran State park you are missing out on a sweet spot in Washington State. For the most part it is just nice moderate but potentially super fast trail through beautiful forest and scenery. The signature route off the top is about 7 miles down with about 2000 feet of drop and a bit of up and down in it here and there. The trail that drops to Cascade lake looses about 1800 feet in 2.3 miles and is right on the edge of being too steep here and there and has a rocking roll out at the bottom. The paved road to the top gives you a 30-45 minute workout if you want a quick ride to the top and the trails down can be bombed super D style, or just enjoyed with the views and bringing along some less experienced bikers.

    And the trail systems are set up such that camping at Mountain Lake or the lower lake puts you right in the trail system.

    For the hard core, there is a full on Whistler Style Downhill jump track off on the North Arch to Summit utility line, about two miles of big air jumps, gap jumps, rock launches, and then some gnarly downhill with those fun five foot off angle drops in to steep turns around trees and off big logs. And some local bikers are keeping it real and riding it hard as there were lots of tracks, looks well built and maintained for those who fear not launching airborne.


  2. Looks incredible. I didn't realize there is that much relief there! 2k?!

  3. Todd, I'm about ready for a super spring puke ride in the forest on single speed. Lets figure something out. I wish I could have made it to Orcas, looks killer. Maybe next year.