Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pedal in, Pedal out.

The last two days have been a mountain bikers blessing. Warmer than average temps and dry, but still tacky, trails in Capitol Forest. The nicer weather inspired me to start parking at the Y and riding into the forest instead of driving. I had forgotten how much better I feel after a ride when doing this. It makes the ride a bit longer but gives you a great warm up and cool down, plus that first stretch of C-line is always a good challenge. My next goal is to do the same ride i've been doing except ride #6 all the way to Fall Creek, then do one more lap to the peak, and down #6 and bail out on C-line. Maybe even throw a lap in on the new trail if the legs aren't toast. Can't wait for the moto trails to dry out!


  1. Right on. I got my planned ride in. From the Y out Margarett Mckinney up and down GL6 to Fall Creek, up 8 to Wedekind then down to the top of Hells creek and up GL6, then I took the cutoff road and jeep track around the peak to Mt Molley Loop bombed down the moto trail and over Mt Molley on trail 40. There was still snow on the North side of the PEak! Had to hike 100 feet in deep snow and then hit several thin patches. 5 Hours. I am bonked out ready to veg out all night

  2. Sounds like the hammer was thrown down over the weekend! I watched the sun rise and set from my yard. Garden is coming together, Scarlett's Castle is going up, my lungs are contracting and my legs are atrophied. I'll be back. Now that the rain has returned, I need the endorphins to survive.