Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Super D #1, Sandy Ridge OR

Good day for the Oly's. Four of us were surrounded by a sea of Oregonians on their super sweet trail(s). We rallied, rode hard and had fun. Finished the day with an After Party Run, a trip to Baja Fresh and smuggled a Mojo HD back across the border. Stay tuned for Spring Super D #2. One more of the 2 dozen super d races in the region this summer. Miracles. BTW - no rest for the wicked in Sandy either, shuttles are non existent. Earn it.

Edit 03/26/11
This should have been in the original posting -

Our very own Matt J threw down in his professional debut this weekend. Racing against some familiar faces from last year's 19-39 CAT1 and some more seasoned pro's Jagger landed in second place. Solid. With Washington State on the map in the the NW super d pro ranks now - Jagger is representing. Total Washingtonian Radness.

OBRA results:

Lee P Fresh video - give it a minute to load

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