Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sandy Ridge Work Party and Lower Super D Course

Hot out of the editing department - Sandy Ridge, Oregon

We attended the Pre-Super D work party today. The BLM and NW Trail Alliance know how to build trails that are not only durable and drain well - but also approach flow-factor-perfection.

In this section of trail - lower Hide and Seek, the corners rip and the jumps are dialed. I think the jump layout is one of the highlights of this section- with lots of small to medium sized doubles that can either be jumped, rolled or manualed by anyone at any speed. Outstanding craftsmanship that caters to riders of all skill levels.

Thanks NW Trail Alliance and the BLM.


  1. RAD! Will be even more so in the summer. I'm super stoked to improve my SD skilz on my new Range and hit up Sandy. And I seriously need to raid your music library, you have excellent background music on all the vids!

  2. Tenacious E!!! Can't wait to see your new Range. Good call. That will make a great SD bike. Hope to see you in Sandy. Bring your goggles and roll-off's!

  3. Papa G said...
    Oweee filmed in real time! "LIKE"