Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Berm Basher Revisited

The Berm Basher Revisited.

In the mood for something different(than a rip down GL6) I parked at Noschka RD and headed out for a trip down memory lane - The 2007 FOCF Berm Basher. Having had mixed feeling about #30 over the years (too steep, greasy, rooty, rocky, eroded mess) I had a serious change of heart. For all of those same reasons I was now stoked on it, but I think mostly I was blown away by the variety of fun line choices. Where GL6(one of the best trail bike descents in the NW) has become a fairly predictable and one-liner type descent(partly because of familiarity and partly because of regular maintenance and grooming), #30 offers a chess board worth of moves all the way down. Total Radness. And one of the other great things about this ride right now is there isn't really anyone out there. It can't be shuttled or accessed from the top because of the snow up top and Noschka road is still washed out, so the only way up there is a longer approach from the bottom of C-line via pedal power. A set of tracks from someone rolling on Big Betty's were the only other sign of life out there in the Trail 30 quadrant Thursday. Total isolation. Anyways, that was wordy. Enough said.

Another great ride in Capitol Forest -

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