Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tracer Report

2009 US made Intense Tracer, 160mm, medium frame
PUSHed 150mm Revelation fork w/Angleset
PUSHed Monarch AM shock
Reverb adjustable seat post
Hope/Flow/Super Comp DA wheels
2.4 Rocket Ron tires, tubeless
Formula The One brakes

27 lbs
23" TT
17" CS
13.5" BB
39.75" BH
66.5 degree HT
72.5 degree ST

Well, I've owned my 2009 Tracer frame for about 8 months now. It's starting to look like a real commitment.

Probably the best "one bike" I've owned. I've put a few Super D races, a 50 mile XC race and quite a few trail rides on it. As good at climbing as it is at descending, the Tracer is a very balanced handling bike the does it all well. I wanted to be able to race XC and SD on the same bike, and with it's current spec I feel good about the set up at either type of event. There will be some obvious compromises on a burlier SD course or a tamer XC course - but there will always be compromises with a one bike quiver.

Maybe a more detailed review later........the muddy pic's say it all. Pure joy.

Upcoming upgrades:
2011 Intense frame bearing system, Easton Carbon Havoc bars, Lopes chain guide, Hope 9-36 10spd cassette/freehub, Sram XO 10spd shifter/derailleur


  1. 27 lbs!!!! WOW! With the build i'm putting together it's looking like I will be lucky to be sub 30. I'm going back to my downhill roots!

  2. The Circle is complete!

    I don't know what I'm going back to. I've always leaned more towards the burlier trail bike setups. Full coil SX trail was my old favorite trail weapon of choice. So this set up is new territory for me. We'll see how this light AM set up goes. A 66.5 HA combined with a Factory Tuned 150mm air fork has never been possible, until now.

    More to be revealed!

  3. So, the Formulas are back and I'm now running a Lopes Guide(mucho quiet, no chain slap) and 29.5" Easton Carbon Havoc's(improved steering stability and increased lean and flow factor). Real happy with the changes. Eyeing a 1X10 drive train, some skinnier Nobby Nic Pace Star's and a shorter stem now. Evolve or ...