Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Is that a death wish to your competitors,or your bank account,  ?

SRAM XX on that thing means ???   $6000.00 suggested retail?


  1. Todd,

    You need one of these bikes for the ultra endurance races/rides. The Santa Cruz looks cool and is probably a very nice frame, so is the Niner carbon. Not sure which would be a better deal. On One has a new carbon frame coming out soon that is a little more reasonable price wise, and I bet they are all made in the same factory in Taiwan!

  2. The On One looks good. Drops the build price to a low low $5000. that is the same build as for the Niner with SRAM XX etc. Close to 19 lbs with the On ONe frame.

    What is the deal on that tapered head? DO you need a tapered fork or does it take a tapered headset for the fork to go IN.

    And BB92??? Whats that shit.

  3. It is adaptable to tapered or non tapered forks with your headset choice. I would run a tapered steerer fork if possible though. BB92 is the new press fit bottom brackets (hyped to be better and eventually replacing threaded type BB's)

    DO IT!