Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dear Uncle Todd......

Please make us laugh and indulge in some deep thinking with some of your bike related and or political rants that we have come to love and look forward to. Thanks in advance.

On a side note, I want to start planning a day trip to somewhere semi close to get some good riding in soon. My bike is almost complete (i'll post pics asap) and I am craving some technically flowy singletrack! I am thinking Galbraith or Sandy Ridge. I would say Duthie but i'm not sure how much trail riding there actually is there. I'm thinking Dec. 11th or 12th, or, 18th or 19th. Just one day. Let me know who is interested and what date works best. I prefer the day that has the best weather forecast. Have your all mountain bike ready to ride!


  1. You damn kids these days, back in the day we rode hard tail no suspension street bikes with fat tires in blue jeans down unimproved rock climbing routes.

    Those are some short dark probably cold and rainy days. Throw out a date and time and destination about five days ahead of time. Powder in the hills may divert my attention.

  2. Should have my suspension back by those dates, and those are the first weekends I'm not scheduled to worked since early October. I'll likely be ready to ride any of those days. Will follow up in a couple weeks.

  3. I rode Galby a few weeks ago..the trails hold up well in the wet. The lower down the mountain...the more mud. Stay high!